McAvec Trailer


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McAvec is a motorcycle trailer, which goes safely and lightly behind all kind of touring and custombikes.

The suspension of the McAvec Trailer is designed just for this use. That´s why the trailer goes easily.

The trailer is easy to open with one hand.

The looks of the trailer can be finished off by painting it according to your wishes. Aluminium rims are available as accessories.

McAvec McAvec

Technical information

Suspension spiralspring
Material of the frame steel
Material of the body fibreglass

Length152 cm
Length with tobar217 cm
Width98 cm
Height75 cm
Weight87 kg
Capacity480 l
Load weight90 kg
Tire size155 x 13
McAvec Trailer is made by Tmi Konepyörä Erkki Kuosmanen.

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McAvec McAvec McAvec